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Loading GraphQL operation documents from different sources#

Similar to schema loading - but meant to use for GraphQL documents (query/mutation/subscription/fragment).

Any input provided as a source will be recognized by utils automatically.

It also extracts usages of gql from code files using @graphql-tools/graphql-tag-pluck.

For notes on typescript, refer to loaders


const { loadDocuments } = require('@graphql-tools/load') const { GraphQLFileLoader } = require('@graphql-tools/graphql-file-loader') const { CodeFileLoader } = require('@graphql-tools/code-file-loader') // load from string const document1 = loadDocuments('query { f }') // load from a single file const document2 = loadDocuments('./users.query.graphql', { loaders: [new GraphQLFileLoader()] }) // load from multiple files using glob const document3 = loadDocuments('./src/**/*.graphql', { loaders: [new GraphQLFileLoader()] }) // load from code file const document4 = loadDocuments('./src/my-component.ts', { loaders: [new CodeFileLoader()] })

loadDocuments returns an array of document sources. Each source object has the following structure:

interface DocumentSource { document: DocumentNode // Object representation of GraphQL Content rawSDL: string // SDL in text location: string // Way to access to that source }

loadDocuments takes in additional configuration via the options object (the second argument). There are some defaults to be aware of - to learn more, see the full API documentation.

You can learn more about loaders to load documents from different sources.